About 10 minutes ago, and following a ten day period in which I clocked a grand total of 178 hours doing putting it together (including a 23-hour non-stop stretch on what I kinda, sorta remember as Tuesday/Wednesday), I put the finishing touches on the 25th Amendment and USFL sections of dpmcintire.com and took them "live," replacing the content that was there.

I hope those who visit them don't find it all too jarring, and that they find the new material I've added to both areas proves beneficial and educational, perhaps even entertaining.

As for me, I'm now going to take exactly 24 hours off from the initial development of this site, during which I intend to study the inside of my eyelids for an extended period.  After that, it's on to the less structured, and hopefully as much fun to write sections:  "America! The Trivial!" and "Random Thoughts."  I hope they ultimately are enjoyed as well.

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