It was an interesting first week of the year at “The Mighty Fine 101 Nine” WKRP here in beautiful, Raleigh, North Carolina.

After an 18-month hiatus caused by health issues, I finally returned to the air Tuesday with the first new episode of “That Show with D.P. McIntire,” and while pretty much the whole week was spent trying to get my feet wet in the broadcasting field once again, I was also reminded that “WKRP” sometimes is an acronym for “We Keep Replacing Parts.”  Or at least in this case, putting out fires – literally.

On Wednesday for example, a short circuit in our broadcast console would cause smoke to emanate from it while I was doing a weather forecast.  Honestly not sure if I was still on the air or not I wrapped it up by saying “it’s currently 49 degrees and there’s a fire in the Oak City Studios… in fact, it’s the console that’s on fire… we’ll be back after this.”  We managed to get things under control in a matter of minutes, bringing in a back-up console from our production studio, but the thought that I was doing my second show back and the station had literally caught fire seemed to be a bad omen.  Then… came Thursday.

I thought Wednesday would be the worst day of my week… until Thursday.  The console didn’t explode, but the software we utilize to operate many elements of our programs (“automation software”) kept failing, creating dead air of between 10-25 seconds between songs – an eternity in this business.  So I spent the better part of four hours on the air bitching about how nothing was working around here, giving theories as to what had happened (“the guys from KLove came in and fried our computer with old-school microwave magnetrons).  It would wind up being a database corruption matter that took the better part of 10 hours to fix, all the while we had to resort to hooking up an old CD player and running it while our IT people were fixing the issue.  10 hours after our it blew out.  We have a temporarily solution in place (and a more permanent one, one which I’m not yet at liberty to discuss right now) for these issues, but to say it’s been a trying week at the Mighty KRP is to put it fairly mildly.

As a result of all this, Oak City Media, the parent organization behind WKRP, is going to be need in funds soon.  To that end I’m offering two unique items from my personal USFL memorabilia collection for sale via eBay, with all proceeds going to this charitable organization: and

All proceeds from the sale of either item (or both) will be donated to Oak City Media by yours truly.  So please, check them out and place a bid.  Perhaps your interest in the USFL will generate some very much needed money for a charitable organization that could really use it right now.

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