I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting dpmcintire.com, to explain what this project and site will be about, and to invite you to take a peek around as I explore a new method of creative expression.

This site is launched, at least initially, as a personal experiment with WordPress.  Having for two decades been fiercely in the camp of creating web sites using as few outside tools as possible (USFL.INFO was written entirely via HTML text coding), I've been reluctant to adapt to what I consider a "cookie cutter" approach to site design.  But after a decade of allowing USFL.INFO to lay fallow, and now a need to reorganize its content along with that of Amendment25.com, I've decided to bite the proverbial bullet, accept the inevitable, and combine the content of those sites into this one.

In preparing to do this though, I decided that if I was going to take this plunge, I was going to dive in head-first, and go deeper than just a revision of those two sites.  So rather than use Facebook or Twitter (which don't lend themselves to long-form, essay style commentary), I hope to use dpmcintire.com more and more to serve as a means of saying what I have on my mind... in the perhaps vain hope that it reaches someone out there and makes them think.

Using this new platform, I'll touch upon a variety of subjects over time:  politics, sports, life in general.  I'll share some of the truly useless trivia I've accumulated.  It'll be rambling and it'll be random, but hopefully in the end it will serve one primary purpose:  to educate, inform, and entertain.


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