This section of was originally organized as, a site aimed at providing information about the United States Football League, which played spring professional football from 1983 to 1985, and operated as a business enterprise from September 1981 to late 1988.

On May 11, 1982, league founder David Dixon and his associates announced that the league had been formed and was preparing to make its debut in the spring of 1983.  25 years later, to the day, I launched in an attempt to chronicle the league.

In doing so, I wanted to take a different path from many sites which commemorated the league's existence, instead analyzing the USFL from a business perspective more than merely reciting what transpired on the field.  I endeavored to learn what went on behind the scenes, where it went right and where it went wrong; and to a degree speculating on how it could have gone right.

Another element of the site I'd planned in the 2007 original version was to provide exclusive access to previously unseen documents and materials, thought lost to history.  But rather than diligently adding new material as I had planned, or even just finishing what I started for that matter, new and more pressing projects would interfere with my completion of the original site plan.  When those projects didn't prevail for my attention, health issues would. 

Admittedly there would also be a period of several years where I would lose interest - a product of countless attorneys reaching out to me on behalf of former USFL players, trying to find someone to sue on their behalf.  While I never begrudged those efforts, it frankly got tiring to deal with, making me less and less inclined to get back to it as a project.

Deciding to migrate the material into in the fall of 2017, as I began doing so I realized that doing a full revamp of the 2007 site was in order, finally adding the material I've been keeping for over 20 years along with additional information and anecdotes I've picked up in the years since the original site went up.

While unlike in 2007 when I proclaimed to be a "never finished work," I won't make that claim now; while I will endeavor to update this material as circumstances permit, hopefully this "refresh" will serve to supplement the research and work others have done on the United States Football League.

In conclusion, I encourage anyone connected with the USFL to contact me, either to give your thoughts on how the site can be improved, to provide your recollections of the league and its teams, or just to say hello.  I'd look forward to hearing from you!