America!  The Trivial!

As is the case with the 25th Amendment and USFL sections of, this section was conceived as something other than its end result.  In this case, the concept was simple enough:  a plan to write a book which compiled various, often times pointless facts I’d stored in my brain about the United States and write about them, adding my own personal brand of snark and titling the project America! The Trivial! :  A Jaded Look at the History and Culture United States.  The title was initially just “America! The Trivial!,” but as I saw more and more books finding the need to add explanatory sentences to what are otherwise perfectly acceptable, understandable and/or actually funny titles in their own right?  I felt compelled to get in on it, too.

As a book project, “America! The Trivial!” was intended to be divided into numerous chapters, each of which contained a number of stories intended to educate, inform and entertain.  As one section of a personal blog, however, I will be condensing the layout somewhat – not reducing the amount of actual writing (ehr, excuse me, “content”) but simply reorganizing it into fewer, broader categories.  As time goes on this section will expand, article by article, so come back from time to time because I like to write about this type of thing so, odds are, I’ll have written something new (ehr, excuse me again… “I’ll have created more great content”) and posted it here.