As I’m trying to figure out the proper way to organize, I’m trying to get comfortable with other things as well – including the concept that if you’re going to have a site that’s read by others, you might want to add new content on at least a daily basis.  So, if this actually becomes something, if I follow-through rather than just tinker for a while, grow tired of playing with it and move on to other things, and if you come across this post, you’ll have a little idea what I’m thinking as I go through the process of setting things up here.

Today’s experiment?  Seeing if the image I think I’ve attached to this post (one of the Earth, as taken from space) winds up being displayed together with the post itself, or whether as was the case with my attempt to do this yesterday, the image gets… well… lost in space.

I feel fairly sure though that I now have at least an initial layout for that I can work with, within the confines and limitations I’m finding with WordPress software:

  • 25th Amendment, containing an updated version of what I’m migrating over from;
  • The USFL, containing an updated version of what I’m migrating over from;
  • America The Trivial, containing previously unreleased material which I’d intended to use for a book called (fittingly enough, and to be sung to the tune of “America, the Beautiful”) “America!  The Trivial!;” and

Random Thoughts, which I suspect will contain everything else I choose to throw into this hodgepodge in pursuit of educating, informing, and/or entertaining

We’ll see how long I stick to this concept.

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