I have a number of flaws as a human being.  One of them is that while I'm far from a hoarder, I tend to allow clutter to indiscriminately accumulate in my downstairs family room.  Another is that for the most part I couldn't care less about that.

My family room is large by most standards.  It takes up roughly about a third of the first floor of the house.  It's "L" shaped, and just among fixture items currently is occupied with four desks (two full size, two slightly smaller), a vertical dresser from my childhood my talked me into bringing down to North Carolina, a treadmill I bought about 48 hours before being hit with a bout of Meiniere's Disease which has rendered me incapable of using it, the coffee table from my first house, an endtable from my first house, a full size sectional couch and accompanying ottoman, an oversized (but not matching) green chair with its own ottoman (please, spare me the Ottoman Empire jokes), an exercise bicycle, a refrigerator, a 47" television set, a chest freezer, two full-size horizontal file cabinets, two normal (vertical) file cabinets, and as if that weren't enough, the transmitter for 101.9 WKRP on one end and the studio at the opposite end.

While this is a lot of stuff, the room actually holds it all fairly well, at least until you start to factor in my personal clutter:  books, chairs, radios, briefcases, papers, boxes of DVD's, old computer monitors I don't use but haven't pitched out, personal files dating back to 1990 that I've never got around to throwing out, etc., etc.  I always complain about this stuff being around, but yet I never bother to actually deal with it, save for the occasional, day-long purge that I'll undertake once I reach a point where I'm so sick of seeing something I throw it out.

Some things I can't toss.  Financial records, for example.  In one corner of this room there exists a box, overflowing with nothing but credit card bills.  I've paid them electronically for years, but can't bring myself to agree to let my creditors stop sending me the paper - in part because I want the records readily available just in case they're needed, but more I think because I want those who charge me 14.9% if I carry a balance from month to month to have to expend a few bucks to collect it from me.

It won't be any day soon, but there will someday be a day of reckoning in this room.  Every piece of furniture will be removed and disposed of.  File cabinets will be temporarily placed elsewhere.  The radio station's apparatus will be temporarily shuttered.  The overflowing box of financial records will be picked up and filed away.  The carpet will be replaced.  Paint will be applied (definitely a different color - I like the peach, but it's been 12 years).  A riddance will be undertaken.

And then?  I'll probably clutter the whole place up all over again.

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