I don’t focus on the National Football League much anymore.  The idea of young men scrambling their brains for sake of my entertainment, knowingly or not, doesn’t hold a ton of appeal for me.

I don’t bet on National Football League games, either.  This, ironic considering my lack of focus on the NFL, is rooted in my 21 year-plus ownership of shares in one of its teams:  Green Bay Packers, Inc.  Per the NFL Constitution and Bylaws, team stockholders are expressly prohibited from gambling on games and since acquiring mine I have strictly adhered to that policy.  That wasn’t a tough “give” for me, as while I’ll readily admit to gambling on a lot of things, aside from the occasional football pool or Super Bowl bet?  I rarely put money on my prognosticating prowess.

So with that said… Sunday brings us the prelude to the NFL’s ultimate spectacle, in the form of the championship games of the American Football Conference and National Football Conference, two very much contrived notions borne of the AFL-NFL merger, which took place on February 1, 1970.  And so, with that, I offer my predictions on the games so that others could either win or lose money if they’re dumb enough to wager money on them:

In the AFC championship, the Kansas City Chiefs are 3 point favorites at home against the New England Patriots.  Meanwhile in the NFC, the New Orleans Saints are 3 1/2 point favorites at home against the Los Angeles Rams.  From a personal, quasi-NFL fan standpoint, I want to see the Kansas City Chiefs go to the Super Bowl for the first time since I was three months old.  I honestly don’t care which team from the NFC appears, but a Chiefs-Rams rematch sounds like it’d be an intriguing pairing.  But were I to bet, I’d put my money on the Patriots plus the points, and the Saints giving them up.

What really intrigued me as a betting perspective, at least up until I checked a Kansas City weather report anyway, was the over/under on the Chiefs-Patriots game.  The initial over/under was 57 1/2, which seemed staggeringly low.  But with snow expected and a high temperature of 19 degrees expected for Sunday?  I now can envision a low scoring game in brutal cold, conditions that point toward a New England victory both against the spread and straight-up.  A game of attrition, with the teams combining for perhaps 40, 45 points in total.

Meanwhile within the friendly confines and under the dome of the Louisiana Superdome (they call it something else now… something corporate… but that corporation isn’t paying me to use their name, so…), I can see the Saints and Rams offenses slugging it out to produce a 31-28, 35-31, or perhaps even higher score, easily eclipsing 56 1/2.

And now that I’ve posted this?  The Chiefs will win 56-7 and the Rams will win 3-0.

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