One of the lead characters in the 1982 movie “Night Shift” was Bill Blazejowski.  Played by the incomparable Michael Keaton, Blazejowski was a character always on the hustle, always coming up with ideas, half-baked and otherwise.

I can identify with that character in a lot of ways, one of which being that I might pursue one thought I have out of every hundred which come to me.  I also tend to pursue ideas down the proverbial rabbit hole from time to time, much to the dismay of my family, my bankers, my associates and sometimes even my creditors.

Some of the ideas I pursue turn out to be ones that get dismissed out of hand or in a matter of a few days.  I find a “grim reaper,” something that takes the concept I’d been considering and shows me a clear, but definitive path to its failure.  On others I pursue, that path gets shown to me only after I’ve made some level of commitment to the project, which makes it harder to extricate myself from.  A third group are projects I pursue and bring to fruition, only to learn that as a result of mistakes I’d made during that planning phase, the end result failed to come to fruition.

I’m usually pretty good at sorting through these ideas in quick order… a thought about running for the North Carolina House of Representatives four years ago was thwarted by my ability to secure a construction permit to build 101.9 WKRP and fulfill a dream I’d had since that movie had been popular:  to own and operate my own radio station.  The fact with some key help I was able to get it up and running was remarkable to me.  Keeping it operating 24/7 gives me no small measure of comfort.  It’s not a huge radio station and it hasn’t made a dime since I flipped the transmitter switch on November 30, 2015.  But it’s something I built, essentially by myself, and if’s what survives me to do bigger and better things?  That would be a suitable legacy; one worth taking pride in.

But right now, having just finished the migrations of and here I feel it’s time to pursue another project – one that, if I pull it off, will be of significantly larger import and effect than 101.9 WKRP has to date.  This may be one of those projects of mine that go bump in the proverbial night, never to be heard from again.  But after seven years away from it in some capacity I think I’d like to get back into the field of sports.  I always believed my years of operating amateur sports leagues in Raleigh had some skills translatable into other, related fields.  I guess it’s about time I found out.

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