So I set up as a blog for the purpose of using as a platform of expressing myself more frequently about more things, only to… go months at a time without bothering to put up any new content.  Effort and money well spent on my part, eh?

The projects I mentioned in my last post (all the way back in March) have now taken a front-burner status in my life, to the point where they have precluded me from doing a lot of other things – posting here being just one of them.  There’s a lot of things I’d very much like to discuss here.  But certain business opportunities and the sensitivity of information associated with them render it impossible for me to talk about them – this is to your advantage however, as instead of boringly long-winded, I get to be boringly brief.  🙂

I will strive to make at least a slightly more concerted effort to post material here however.  I won’t promise to, but if and when I can share something that comes to mind?  And if I think anyone will give a flip about it?  I’ll probably put something here for you to read on the subject.