It's been six days since I last posted something here - a fact which I suspect doesn't matter much, because this site has no significant audience clamoring for daily new content.  If and when it ever reaches that point, I'll probably provide, but for now I'm just tied up in another project to apply sufficient discipline to write something here every day.

It's a Monday, a day that's usually one of at least some productivity for me.  But today my 8 year old daughter is home sick from school - a precautionary measure, taken after a weekend in which she was clearly ill.  This means that I have, at least as of 3:40 this afternoon, accomplished absolutely nothing. 

Please don't take what I'm about to say the wrong way; I love my children dearly and would readily both kill or die on their behalf if either were necessary.  But I really, really, really wish my younger daughter would learn to be quiet.

She gets it from me.  This I know, because she reminds me of how I was at that age.  And in retrospect it makes me thankful that I didn't get more beatings from my parents (mostly out of sheer frustration because I wouldn't shut the hell up) than I actually did.  I used to wonder why I'd get the hell beat out of me for no apparent reason; now, in a weird way, I kind of understand.  I don't do the same with my children by any means... but now I understand it.

Tomorrow, she returns to school.  And for that I am grateful.  🙂

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