I’m told by advisors (Anyone can be an “advisor.”  An idiot friend with an opinion is by definition an “advisor,” so hey, why not sound important by using a term like “advisor?”) that if this blog is ever to be “commercially viable,” I need “to put up more frequent, and sometimes even meaningful, content.”  Evidently it doesn’t matter so much what I post here, just so long as I put it here often enough that I train you, gentle audience member, (pardon me, “digital content consumer”) to come like Pavlov’s dogs whenever I post something.  Anything.

As the 21st century rolls on and as I get older, I slowly find myself veering in the same direction my parents, each of whom grew up during the Great Depression, did whenever I would bring up some cool new 1980’s technologies like the personal computer, FAX machines, cordless telephones and the like.  I kinda-sorta understand some of it, but find myself incapable of being immersed in it as people in the younger generations are.  Tablet computing is like this for me.  I get how it works, and use it when I have to, but only when I have to.

So when my “advisors” (makes it sound like I have a great legal and financial brain trust, doesn’t it?) tell me that this little adventure into blogging could someday become a source of actual, perhaps even significant, income?  I literally cannot fathom how something like that comes to fruition.  I’d like to think that I’m far from a stupid man, but I just don’t see it; I’m certainly not motivated by it.  But yet, I’m told “if you write it, and people come, money will eventually, too.”  So if five years from now I’m rolling in dough because of this dink website?  Thank you.  For what I have no idea… but thank you.

Going forward I’m going to try to post here more frequently.  Once a day if I can.  It may about something that happened that day, or something I remember from 40 years ago, but something.  Because hey, “advisors” are rarely wrong, right?