I made a promise to myself that when I migrated Amendment25.com and USFL.info into what is now dpmcintire.com, I’d immediately move on to another of my “back burner” projects, focusing on it first and foremost while periodically coming back here, making the occasional blog post, and finishing the site’s remaining intended content (America! The Trivial! and Random Thoughts).

While that’s still my intention, I’ve been rather remiss in posting – not a problem I suspect, as I honestly don’t think anyone’s bothering to read this blather. But it is something I committed myself to doing that has gone the way side while moving on to more immediate matters and projects. Or as John Lennon once eloquently phrased it, “Life’s what happens while you’re making other plans.” In my case though, it’s more a case of my finally trying to put those plans into motion that’s causing my inactivity here.

For that I apologize to anyone who may be reading. While I won’t promise that I’ll post here more frequently than I have to date (out of fear of inadvertently lying), I will say that while this site has moved from the top of my priority list, my list of “things to do,” it’s far from at the bottom of that list. I’ve noticed that receiving the occasional note of encouragement seems to spur me on to take at least some kind of action with the site. I don’t and won’t ask for such things, but I have to admit I’ve always enjoyed hearing from you and respond to your questions and comments.

For now though it’s back to the front burner on my project list, which means I may post here again in another week, or two… or maybe tomorrow. Who knows? But keep checking, because ya neva know… 🙂

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