It snowed in the Raleigh area yesterday.  A lot, at least by Raleigh standards, with anywhere between 6 and 10 inches falling over the course of 12 hours depending on where in the area you are.  When I awoke this morning, it was a whopping 15 degrees outside.

Having grown up in areas where such weather would be a regular occurrence thanks to the "Lake Erie effect," I've always found it somewhat amusing when this type of weather hits here:  the city effectively shuts down.  The Governor (regardless of political affiliation) declares a mystical, non-specific but official sounding "state of emergency."  There's an unexpected power outage somewhere (in a nice change of pace, this time mine was one of 5,000 homes affected; usually I feel left out).

Most amusing to me are the pre-snow activities:  with almost ritual-like certainty, people scramble out to the nearest grocery store to clear its shelves of anything resembling bread, milk, eggs and other perceived necessities.  Because, perhaps, they believe that an 18-wheel semi is going to have trouble navigating roads covered by a little snow.  I was even guilty of this, though instead of visiting a grocery store my venue would be the nearby CVS, where some of my umpteen gazillion prescriptions were awaiting pickup.

I spent the bulk of my day working on putting the USFL section of together (at least, while the power was still on), taking seemingly hourly breaks to watch fat snowflakes fall to the Earth from the sky, marveling a little at it myself, I must admit. 

I puttered around with my youngest child before she went out to play and enjoy the novelty of snow that is recognized only by kids who grow up in the south.  With my oldest child meanwhile we "trolled" the 101.9 WKRP audience by playing "Let it Snow," sung by Vaughn Monroe, on a loop for an hour, non-stop.  It likely drove away every listener we had (all three of them), but it brought a smile to her face, so it was worth it.

Yesterday I didn't feel terribly productive, but nonetheless, it was a good day.  I like days like that.  I wish I had a lot more of them.

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