As I'm trying to force myself to write something here on a regular basis, if for no other reason than to practice, I might as well provide my audience of zero a little update on how the initial development of is progressing.

Much to my own astonishment, it's actually moving at a faster pace than I had anticipated.  The content of took a little longer than I'd anticipated (a product in no small part to my desire to really update rewrite it almost from start to finish.  So far though the migration of what has thus far been is taking far less time than I'd anticipated; though I suspect it's mostly because I'm doing little more at this point than glorified data entry, saving the process of rewriting all the narrative I'd put together in 2007 until last.

One thing has kept me going the past few days however:  a neat podcast I stumbled across called "Good Seats Still Available."  With "GSSA," host/producer Tim Hanlon has really done an excellent job in painting the picture of a lot of obscure sports leagues and teams:  the USFL, the original Arena Football League, the MISL, NASL, ABA, ABL... he even has a 70-minute episode dedicated to the history of baseball's old National Association.

The broadcaster in me likes the production value Tim puts into this effort, and the sports geek in me revels in learning new things about these leagues, more often than not thanks to interviews with the people who helped shape them.  So if you're into that sort of thing, give "Good Seats Still Available" a listen... and tell Tim I sent you!

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