The Formal Reading, Third Person Summary

D.P. McIntire is the Executive Director of Oak City Media, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which produces and distributes media content via print, the internet, and its main vehicle, radio station 101.9 WKRP (yes, old folks, WKRP) in Raleigh, North Carolina.  In addition to serving as the station's general manager, Mac also hosts "That Show with D.P. McIntire" on weekday mornings.

For the eighteen years prior to spearheading the initiative to launch WKRP, McIntire was the founder and Executive Director of Capital Area Team Sports, Inc. ("CATS"), another non-profit organization which organized and operated local amateur sports teams and leagues in and around the Raleigh area.  Featured in Newsweek magazine for his efforts, the organization operated year round, with its Independent Flag Football League ("IFFL") conducting spring and fall seasons each year, and its Men's Independent Softball League ("MISL") playing each spring and summer.

The Not-So-Formal, First Person, Extended Version

Hi!  If you're visiting this particular page, it's probably because you've come in search of information on either the 25th Amendment or the USFL and, while going through its material, wondered to yourself "Who wrote this?"  And of course, that'd be me.  I'm glad you've come, both to in general and this page in particular - it shows at least a modicum of curiosity about and/or interest in me, and I appreciate that.

I'm an avid student of the forgotten and obscure, particularly information about subjects such as the business aspects of current and failed sports leagues, constitutional and supporting law, broadcasting and media, and the like.  As it has turned out, over the ensuing years I've found I'm not alone in that regard, with countless people reaching out to me to discuss the content of two web sites I had created to share information regarding subjects I'd studied rather intently:

  •, which provided information regarding the 25th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States; and
  •, which provided information regarding the United States Football League of the early 1980's.

Deciding that both sites needed a full refresh after years of lying fallow, in early 2018 I migrated, then updated, the content of both sites, placing them here on - so named not because I'm egomaniacal (I am, but that's not why), but because I'd held the domain for years and decided to finally do something with it.

When not playing music for WKRP's listeners (and let me give them a quick shout-out:  Hi, Bob and Carol!), I'm usually fighting with the station's transmitter, listening to complaints about the music we play, or telling incredulous people that (1) yes, the station actually got a license from the FCC and the call sign "WKRP," and (2) no, I'm not from Cincinnati.

My personal life is my own, save those revelations I elect to make below and a disclosure that I spend as much time as I can with my two daughters, trying to teach them right from wrong, right from left, and right from privilege.

I'm also almost always (yes, including now) working on a new project that takes years to plan and prepare, and which others would think me crazy for even thinking to take on.  Sometimes I pull these projects off to the surprise of others (WKRP); sometimes they are spectacularly bad, expensive failures (opening a flower shop, the "Temple of Bloom," having no prior experience in the field).

I'm always open to hearing from folks with questions or comments about the site as well as suggestions to improve it, so if you feel an urge to do so, feel free to contact me.

Answering Random Questions About Myself

Born:  Yes.  Yes, I was.

Raised:  I spent my pre-teen years in a small suburb of Youngstown, Ohio called Hubbard.  I was then involuntary emigrated to another small town, Indiana, Pennsylvania (yes, you read that right) on December 20, 1981.  I escaped there for the friendly confines of Raleigh, North Carolina on January 12, 1994, where I've lived since.  And if you gather from this that I thought my time in Pennsylvania as little more than a prison sentence?  You'd be right!

College:  Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  I did not graduate, however, as my father took ill and I was impressed to join the family business.

Family:  Yes.  I have one.  You don't need to know more than that.

Favorite Quote:  "Life's what happens while you're making other plans." - John Lennon

Favorite Quote I Recite Often:  "Go do that voodoo that you do so well." - Harvey Korman, from Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles."  More often than not I paraphrase it as, "Go do the voodoo that you need to do."

Favorite Quote About Me:  "His voice what I imagine God would sound like, if I believed in God." - Jake Anthony

What I Love Most:  Watching kids (any kids) having fun.

What I Hate Most:  Wasting time or worse, having other people wasting mine.  Folks, if you take nothing else from this site, please take this:  time is the most precious of all commodities.  No matter how much wealth you acquire or inherit, and no matter how good you take care of yourself or have the benefit of medical care - you only will have so much time, no matter what.  So use it wisely, and when dealing with other people, understand that there's is as valuable to them as yours is to you.

What I Hate Almost As Much:  Obliviousness.

Best Moment in Life (aside from obvious answers):  Learning that the FCC had approved our construction permit, allowing us to build WKRP.

Worst Moment in Life (aside from obvious answers):  Most of the days from December 20, 1981 to January 12, 1994, inclusive.

Favorite Meal:  A really well prepared steak, with some mixed vegetables on the side.

Favorite Snack:  Lately carrot sticks, but usually grapes or "grape" tomatoes.

Favorite Sports Teams:  Honestly, I don't have any.  I look at sports as an entertainment business, from the perspective of a student.  I root for a competitive, entertaining game, no matter who's playing. My rooting interest in teams ended when the original Cleveland Browns relocated to Baltimore.

Things I Have On My Desk:  Complete copies of the NBA, NHL and NFL Constitutions and Bylaws, the 1969 Major League Baseball "Blue Book," a laptop, the monitor to my desktop, assorted (clean) coffee mugs, assorted correspondence, the latest edition of Billboard magazine, and a wristwatch I've not worn in at least a year.

Favorite Word:  Skullduggery.

Greatest Athletic Achievement:  To date, spending 18 years building and administering a really good local amateur sports program that operated year-round.

Worst Athletic Achievement:  Being unable to finish runs in both elementary and high school due to what - 30+ years later - would be identified as a severe hiatal hernia I'd had since birth.

Music Artists I Like to Listen To:  Running a radio station as I do I try not to have favorites (so as not to skew station programming away from a broader audience), but I'm partial to tunes with a fast tempo... Pitbull.  Karmin.  Billy Idol.  Volbeat.  Whitney Houston meanwhile nearly puts me to sleep nowadays.