This is a photo of Charley Steiner from his days as the play by play man for the USFL's New Jersey Generals. I haven't come up with anywhere else to use this photo yet, so I'm just going to put it here for now. Enjoy!

Like a large number of Americans, I spent my weekend mentally wrapped up within the world that is professional football.  But I suspect I wasn't doing so in the same fashion the others were.

As the updating and migrating of the content from continues, I spent my weekend not watching the games that determined which teams would advance to Super Bowl LII, but rather burrowing through my file cabinets, rummaging through media guides and press releases, and the stacks of documents I have from and about the league, using that material to refresh my memory about certain aspects of the league's history; or, alternately, to add new narrative material.

I heard the Patriots will be playing the Eagles, by the way.  Nothing like watching teams representing the most obnoxious and racist sports fans (Bostonians) taking on the most violent (Philadelphians) compete for a league championship.  I'm really, really glad I'm not on the security detail for that one.  Come to think of it, I'm glad I'm not even in the same state the game's going to be played.  But I digress...

One example of the updating of the USFL material will be the sections about the Birmingham Stallions and Philadelphia/Baltimore Stars.  Unlike the original rendition of, these sections now actually exist; areas I'd never got around to finishing the first time around.  Tackling team sections alphabetically by city, as I write this at around 9 am. on Monday, I'm taking a brief break from writing the narrative on the Tampa Bay Bandits section.

As I'd promised myself, I'm also finally - after more than a decade of muttering to myself, "I'll get to that someday" - going through the mountain of USFL documentation I have, and scanning it for inclusion here on the site.  I'm not yet sure how I'm going to make them accessible (my WordPress Fu is still not where I'd like it to be), but this morning alone I've scanned slightly over 500 pages worth of material.  Hopefully some of it will be worth reading.

Okay.  Break's over.  Time to get back to Banditball.  Congratulations to Patriots fans and Eagles fans.  I don't have a dog in your fight; just try not to kill one another in the stands in Minneapolis though, okay?

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