It’s not my normal practice to talk about individual days or the mundane things that transpire during them.  Today however, I make an exception, simply because it was remarkably fun despite all that transpired.

My morning began at 4:30, when I woke up and began preparing to the nearest DMV office (which opens at 7) in order to convert my drivers’ license to a “REAL ID,” which I would need to flee the country if Donald Trump get re-relected in 2020, or step on any commercial aircraft for that matter.  I expected it to be a certifiable nightmare and in one sense it was (I arrived at the DMV office 45 minutes early to see people lined half way down the length of the building… but I’d decided “If this was going to take all day, it’s going to take all day, but I’m leaving here with this thing done, period.”

All total I’d spend 2 hours there, chatting amiably with a man who I’d presumed to be 10 years older than me by appearance but, in fact, would prove to be 9 years younger (grey hair is your enemy, men).  Upon being called to my situation, I was handled quickly and expertly by Derek Wetherington (hellva nice guy, obviously not jaded by his job yet) and though it took 20 minutes for Derek to do his thing, the end result was precisely what I’d come to get.  Arranged to have some old studio and office furnishing from WKRP removed from the facility, which made a huge difference in appearance and will make an even bigger one after “the next round of riddance” ensues.

From there is was off to by chiropractor, “Bonecrusher” Smith (so named for the former heavyweight champ).  It was y third visit in 10 days and it was justifed as he snapped me into a pretzel.  But afterward?  I felt immediate relief.  So I decided I was simply going to have a “do me day,” focusing solely on my own food, shelter, comfort and entertainment.  So I hit the theatres and caught two movies… “Vice,” which I thought might be funny (and in some spots was) but largely made me feel a combination of feeling sorry for the man while at the same time wishing he’d faded into oblivion after his time as SecDef during the 1980’s; this followed by my (second) screening of “Creed II” (I’m a sucker for Rocky franchise films)

But all in all?  A good, “me-centric” day… something I don’t have many of.  I love being around my family, I have to say, having strictly “me” time was a treat.

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