At some point around 6 this morning, I put the finishing touches on migrating the content of here to  As I tend to do with such projects, rather than simply port over the information as-is, I took it upon myself to revise and update the material; a process which took a whole lot longer than I had anticipated, realizing that I’d left a lot out of the site for sake of brevity.  The finished (for now, anyway) product is a little different in how it’s laid out, but now has roughly 25% more overall content, more detail about the Amendment and the history prior to its ratification, a few new photos here and there… overall, while I’m not enthralled with it, it’ll do for now.

Next up?  Migrating  That’s going to be a bear.  The basic outline of how I envision it is already menu’ed (is “menu’ed” a word?  how about “mapped”) out, but I have the feeling that it’s going to change as I revise the original 2007 content, and particularly as I start adding all the new material.  Next to my desk is a stack of documents nearly three feet tall, all of which I intend to incorporate into the site in some fashion (scanned .PDF’s if practical, but otherwise I’ll type their content in here).  I’d hoped to have, in its original form, migrated here by February 1, but rather than do that and modify it “on the fly,” I’m now going to take some time to do it right.  It may take months, but hopefully the final product will be worth it.

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